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Our current approach to managing Covid-19 is set out in Our Covid-19 Supplementary Terms and Conditions below.  We are looking forward to getting back fully to normal next year, in the meantime we are persisting with the arrangements we have found successful and guests staying with us in 2021 have appreciated.

Our Covid-19 Supplementary Terms and Conditions

1        Aberdovey Hillside Village Terms & Conditions

1.1        These COVID-19 Supplementary Terms & Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the latest  Aberdovey Hillside Village Terms & Conditions dated 20 April 2021 or later revision. If there is a conflict between these Supplementary COVID-19 and the Aberdovey Hillside Village Terms & Conditions: these Supplementary COVID-19 Terms & Conditions shall take precedence.  Our Terms & Conditions including these are required at the time of booking to be agreed to by the Principal Guest before the booking is confirmed.  The latest version of our Terms & Conditions will be in our Welcome Pack, a copy of which will sent to Principal Guests prior to arrival by email.  For the interpretation of these conditions please refer to items 1.1 to 1.6 of the Aberdovey Hillside Village Terms & Conditions.  

2        Aberdovey Hillside Village approach to managing Covid-19 and the COVID-19 Supplementary Terms and Conditions

2.1       We have decided the best approach is to eliminate the risk of Covid-19 to our guests and our staff where practicable.  There will be residual risks that need to be managed and we have control measures to address these, which will help us to continue providing the relaxed environment our family of returning guests have been used to.  These measures will involve the co-operation of all guests; it will be the responsibility of the Principal Guest of each property to see that their party members follow the measures that are applicable to them.

2.2      To eliminate the risk of a guest passing Covid-19 on to a subsequent occupier of the property where they were staying or our staff, the following procedures are being implemented: on guest departure the property will be fogged with disinfectant which takes 15 minutes and will be ready for cleaning in a further 15 minutes, the disinfectant leave no harmful residues and leaves a nice fresh linen fragrance to the property.  The properties will then be cleaned and prepared for the following guests by staff using masks, they will use the hand sanitiser position outside each property adjacent to the key safe to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the property.  Outside each property there is a key safe with a combination lock and on departure the Principal Guest will place the property’s key(s) in that key safe, the combination will then be changed by a member of staff.  The next Principal Guest arriving on site will be provided by text with the amended combination for the key safe.

2.3      In preparing the properties for guests we are endeavouring to limit who will be preparing the property. To help us achieve this, it is very important the properties are left by guests “as found”, this particularly applies to the bathrooms and kitchens.  In addition to this to facilitate fogging and protect our staff on departure we ask guests to prepare the properties for fogging for us, a schedule of what is required is set out in each Property’s Welcome Pack.

2.4      On arrival Guests are not required to check-in at Reception as has been the case prior to the Covid Pandemic.  Guests are required to telephone (01654 767 522 - opt 3) when they are at the gates of Aberdovey Hillside Village and will be given parking directions.  The Principal Guest on arrival will be provided the combination for the key safe of the property. 

2.5      It is the Principal Guest’s responsibility before their booking start date to have established that none of their party have Covid-19, or need to self-isolate because they have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, or have symptoms and are waiting on the results of a test.  In that eventuality they must advise us by telephone prior to coming to agree the appropriate action.  No one who knowingly has or could have Covid-19 will be permitted to come on the Aberdovey Hillside Village Site.  Likewise, if during their stay or on leaving if the Principal Guest considers that party member could be or has been infectious during their stay with us, the Principal Guest must telephone us immediately to agree the appropriate action.

2.6      Only guests who are identified as occupying the property on the booking form will be permitted to enter the property they have booked, unless they are in a household bubble with another Guest Party that have booked a separate property at Aberdovey Hillside Village. 

2.7       We are now beginning to open up our indoor facilities in a managed way, these arrangements are set out in in the Welcome Packs.  The Outside Children’s Play Area has been re-opened there are additional Covid-19 Terms and Conditions for its use which are also form part of the Welcome Packs.   We exploring how the indoor facilities can be used safely and will do so when there are effective measures in place.  We will also have an outside Table Tennis facility in the Reception Courtyard available shortly, the arrangements for using this will be added to the Welcome Packs when the arrangements are in place.

2.8       We ask our guests to bring sufficient clothing and towels, so as not to need to launder their clothes while staying with us.  The Laundry as with other indoor facilities will be closed, however, the laundry is available by prior arrangement with Aberdovey Hillside Village Staff. 

2.9      At least one member of staff will be on site.  There are Wardens living on site to address emergencies outside times when the Reception Office would normally have been open.  Guests to contact us by calling 01654767522 and selecting the appropriate option.  Please avoid going to Reception in person, all Reception Office tasks are being carried out remotely, the Reception Office is only open virtually!

2.10   Maintaining social distances while on site: currently in Wales there is a 2 metre distance requirement, the Principal Guest to ensure that their party members respect this requirement and other Covid-19 requirements.  Signage provides a reminder of these requirements. 

2.11     Welcome Packs for each Property are in digital format and will be sent to each Principal Guest prior to arrival by email.  Your Welcome Pack may have additional Covid-19 requirements that will be required to be followed.

3        Overview

3.1       Accommodating Covid-19 is a significant challenge to everyone, we are delighted to be allowed now to receive guests again, particularly are family of returning guests. We look forward to doing all we can to ensure the enjoyment of our guests’ holidays with us.

Revision 21 July 2021