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27 October 2021

New Website

We have been working on this completely new website over the last few months - we hope you like it! 


We have worked at trying to make it simple and easy to navigate as possible and provide the information to help those new to Hillside Village appreciate what a special place it is. 


We will be developing it further, we would appreciate your feedback as to any improvements we can make.  

We the Hillside Village Team are here to help make your holiday special.

20 September 2021

Michael Poole - Memorial Bench

Michael Poole - Cader Aberdovey Hillside Village - His favorite Place -_edited_edited_edit

Michael Poole in Cader

Michael stayed with us often three times a year with his partner Peter.  He passed away earlier this year and expressed a wish to Peter that he pay for a memorial "a seat or something" at Hillside Village.  Michael stayed in many of our properties over the years, however Cader was his place! 

The above picture is of him in Cader.


Peter and Claire

on the arrival of Michael Poole's bench last week.

Over the last few months we have been liaising with Peter over a memorial which we have been delighted to accommodate.  Peter arranged for a bench to be delivered during his stay last week and it has now been positioned in the Reception Courtyard, which Cader overlooks.  The inscription that Peter decided upon is "Michael Poole - His Favourite Place".


Michael Poole's bench as positioned in the Reception Courtyard