Perhaps your holiday go-to has always been to book an all-inclusive break; maybe it’s time to finally try out a self-catering holiday instead? With lots of benefits that can rival all-inclusive, this could be the ideal holiday solution for your next family break. Why not consider staying with us here at Hillside Village for your 2020 summer holiday? There are plenty of attractions and activities close-by, lovely accommodation, a simply stunning location and a place to make memories your family will cherish forever. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should seriously consider a self-catering holiday for your family. 



This could be the very best reasons to choose a self-catering holiday rather than an all-inclusive break. The freedom to simply come and go as you please, you’re able to set your own holiday timetable rather than strictly adhering to someone else’s. You don’t have to worry about missing designated meal times, you can work around your daily activities and eat whenever works best for you. A simple pleasure of a self-catering holiday is that you are in control of the pace of the holiday, the only person making a decision about how you spend your day is you (and your family).



Self-catering accommodation is usually much more spacious than a traditional hotel room. This makes them the perfect accommodation option for larger groups; some accommodation also has multiple rooms so that you won’t be living under each others feet for the duration of your stay.


Value for Money

Booking a self-catering break is usually a lot more cost effective than booking multiple hotel rooms; this is especially true for those in larger groups. With self-catering there is also the consideration of food shopping, this cost can be equally split between the group and can also be done on a strict budget. Although eating out every night of your holiday might seem really appealing, it quickly gets very expensive with large numbers – so making the cooking fun and a shared experience is a great way to get everyone involved and to keep the costs down. 


Home from Home

If you’re travelling with friends or family who might be fussy eater, or like a specific routine a self-catering break allows you to cook what you want, when you need it. You can sort your own timetable – if this means eating your breakfast at midday then go for it! You can also keep the same routine you have at home, or you can do something completely different, the choice is yours. For those of you who are inseparable from your furry family members, there are lots of pet-friendly accommodations out there, so nobody in the family gets left out of the holiday fun.


Starting planning your summer holiday early, why not book a stay for 2020? We’re offering an additional 10% loyalty discount to any guest who has stayed with us in 2019 and wishes to return in 2020! Call or email for more information.