Aberdovey is an absolutely stunning coastal getaway. A picture-perfect, idyllic hillside village pressed neatly against the welsh countryside; it’s a must-see location for anybody who truly craves natural beauty.

Whilst the views around the village are impeccable, with mountains towering in the distance and morning fog settling over the ocean, visitors may wish to embark on their own little adventures throughout the day.

The good news is that there’s a lot to do in Aberdovey. Whether you like riding the waves, walking, sightseeing or even birdwatching, there’s bound to be something for you to fall in love within the town.

At the end of your busy day, you’ll be able to check back into your luxurious self-catered cottage to relax, absorbing the picturesque views of the Dovey Estuary before getting ready to do it all again the following day.


Beaches are inviting places, usually offering a sense of charm like nowhere else. Plus, it’s impossible to visit Aberdovey without taking a walk down to the seaside!

The beach is a great place for a family day out; the grown-ups can sit on their towels, reading books as they listen to the peaceful murmur of the waves crashing against the sand, whilst the kids can build their sandcastles or look for hidden treasure on the shore.

The budding explorers amongst you can take on the local hills, scouting for tiny rock-pools with a promising allure of beach life.

Why not visit the pier? It’s a crabbing hotspot, and can be a great place to make lasting family memories.

Dining & Drinks 

There are, of course, plenty of places for you to stop and grab a bite to eat or something to drink. Whatever tickles your fancy: traditional seaside fish and chips, rich and flavoursome coffees, or trendy bars if you’d prefer a night on the town.

There’s also a vast array of fantastic restaurants with impeccable menus to delight your tastebuds, or traditional pubs – because you can’t go wrong with a Sunday lunch and a pint! 


You can’t expect a seaside resort to not cater to those with a taste for the extreme!

Aberdovey is in the perfect place for surfers, sailors, kayakers and windsurfers alike. Benefit from the oceanic winds as you cruise along the water’s edge with a magical view over the Irish Sea and St George’s Channel.

If you prefer the comfort that the land provides, you can always sit on the beach to watch as the surfers take on the ocean!

Quiet days out 

If you’re more into quiet days out, where you have time to reflect on yourself and enjoy the wonders of nature, Aberdovey might be the perfect destination.

There are so many hill-side and mountainside walks for you to conquer – after all, Aberdovey is part of the Snowdonia National Park!

You can expect to find the RSPB Ynys-Hir bird resort nearby, which can provide visitors with a rare chance to watch an abundance of large birds, including Osprey and Red-Kites.

Alternatively, why not practise your swing at the Aberdovey Golf Club?